"9 Years Experience"

Home Away Dog Boarding

Hi Doggie Parents!

My name is Kelsey, the proud owner of Home Away Dog Boarding, assisted by my family. I work from home full time so I am flexible for drop offs and pick ups.

We are now VERY convienently located in KUNA off meridian road and Avalon. DOG PARADISE. ALL FULLY FENCED. All dogs are allowed inside, and sleep inside at night if they are house trained. Please be honest about your dog’s inside habits, so that there are no little "surprises". If they are crate sleepers, I have room for your dog's crate and I also keep a couple extra on hand. COMING SOON We are in the process of also building a indoor- heated/cooled out building for the dogs to play in and to go in and out of as they please.

I am also a sitter for Rover, and have over 80 five-star reviews I can share at any time. Due to increased demand for my services, I have decided to branch out and form my own business.

I am a proud parent of over 3 dogs, and love my fur babies more than everything. I want every pet owner to feel like their furry friend is safe and secure while they are away. Travel with the peace of mind knowing that your pets are well fed and treated with the same loving care that you, yourself, would provide. I am very experienced with a wide variety of dog types and how to care for each of them. Seniors to puppies, and even dogs with special needs! I am super flexible with meet and greets as well as booking dates. Daily exercise is always provided along with one-on-one attention. I will send you pictures and videos of your pet throughout the stay to keep you updated while you're gone.

You will be responsible for providing your dog’s food for the duration of their stay. This is easiest on everyone to avoid stomach upsets. Bathing and walks are available services for additional charge. If you are in a situation where you need me to pick up your dog from your home, I can do so for additional charge. Please don't hesitate to contact me and ask questions. I want your dog to feel like they are at their Home Away from home. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friends!

Below you will find some pictures of our facility.